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The web's premier wholesale handbag suppliers. Choose from hundreds of designs: Fashion handbags, designer, replica, handmade, leather bags, purses, shoes and more. You can buy seasonal handbags for summer or spring, bridal handbags, clutch, mini bags, or unique styles for an evening out on the town.

If you want to set up your own retail handbag shop, have your own handbag parties, sell by mail order, or sell online through your own website or on eBay, azHandbags can supply you at wholesale prices...

You can buy individual bags, or in quantities with a discount. Shipping is a flat rate £5.99 for any quantity.

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Cheap Handbags offer some of the cheapest handbags around.


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Was £14.99
Offer Price £6.99
       (Buy 5 or more and get       them for £4.50 each!)


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         Was £12.99
Offer Price £7.99








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Leather Handbag Special Offers
Grab a bargain in the leather department. Check out new UK handbag lines by Kazibo and Elicat.


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                Was £75
       Offer Price £49.95
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              Was £41
Offer Price £26.65


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         Was £190
Offer Price £171 








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Quantity 10 x zute-clutch-handbag-black




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Price £4.99
(Buy 10 or more and pay just £1.99 each!)
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Unique Handbags

Do you want to carry a unique designer bag that can't be found anywhere else? - walk around proud with one of Kissed's latest designer handbags. See more handbags by Kissed.

Find by Brand

AWSM - Handbags oozing with style. If you desire to carry designer handbags like Burberry but can't afford the price tag - AWSM will cure your problem. These bags look just like the real thing, but check out the prices!

Elicat - This fashion conscious brand delights in producing sleek, accurate handbags that are ideal for evenings out, shopping trips, dinners and parties. Elicat's the name - eligance is the game.

Greenspot - Teenage styles. If you want to buy a handbag for your daughter but don't want to pay high street prices or fight against hordes of shoppers - take a look at the Greenspot teenage handbag range. There is a bag style to suit even the most fussy teenager.

Kazibo - Leather handbags. Want a leather handbag for everyday use? Kazibo produce a range of unique leather handbags that look great out-and-about.

Kissed - Designer range. This fast-up-and-coming brand is making drop-dead-gorgeous handbags at a price considerably below the big brand name alternatives such as Gucci, Prada, Couch and Fendi.

Nanit - Knitted bags. Warm, fuzzy, and adorable handbags by fashion designer Nanit.

Zesh - Colourful, fashionable handbags offering bang-up-to-date styles. A vast range of bags offering select designer handbags and fresh affrodable designs.

Zute - cheap well-made handbags. One of the largest ranges of handbags on the web. Zute offer hundreds of different styles ranging from ultra cheap - this refers to price not quality - to affordably priced fashion bags. You can find handbags for almost anyone and any occasion.

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